Koleda Solus+ Infrared Home Smart Heaters

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Koleda Solus+ Infrared Home Smart Heaters

Koleda Infrared Home Smart Heaters

Whether you’re talking a spacious mansion in the suburbs or a vintage walk-up in the city, the one thing they both have in common is the need for heating. If you’re tired of room-consuming furnaces or unsightly radiators, you need to check out Koleda’s Solus+ infrared heating solution. First and foremost, this wall-mountable or floor-standing solution is sleek and stylish, but it’s also 30% more cost efficient than traditional convection heating and can reduce your heating costs by up to 50% with it’s smart home features. As if that wasn’t enough reason to smash the buy button, it works straight out the box, is powered by a standard socket, includes a wireless thermostat, and is completely maintenance free. Unless you live in a place that’s so hot you never need to heat it externally, the Koleda Solus+ is a no-brainer.

Buy it at $414 on koleda.co